What Steps Should You Take to Prepare?

The best way to prepare for graduate school is to take classes in the field you plan to pursue and test your interest in graduate school by doing the type of work you are likely to encounter during and after graduate school (research and teaching assistantships), as well as the type of work you will NOT pursue by attending graduate school (an internship in industry).  By pursuing experiential learning opportunities in research AND in the workplace, you will test whether graduate programs would be satisfying for you and whether you might be equally satisfied by going directly into a career.

Below are some specific steps you can take to ensure that you are ready for graduate school:

  • Take challenging classes in your subject area, including some graduate courses when appropriate.
  • Cultivate faculty relationships.
  • Participate in undergraduate research.
  • Intern in business, government agencies, or industry.
  • Pursue competitive funding opportunities (NSF, Goldwater, Astronaut, Truman, Udall, etc.).  Learn more about Prestigious Fellowships, HERE.
  • Schedule an appointment to discuss the graduate school application process with your pre-graduate advisor by spring of your junior year.