Is Graduate School Right for You?

With Georgia Tech’s exceptional undergraduate degree programs, virtually every student can move into meaningful employment after graduation. Some choose to continue their higher education, however, because they want a career in research or scholarship, which requires a PhD, or because they want the expanded job opportunities provided by the specialized skills acquired in an MS program.

Because graduate school requires an investment of time and often money, you should think carefully about whether a graduate degree is right for you.

Generally speaking, a graduate degree is a good idea if you have a specific career outcome in mind. Jobs in academia, research and development, and government agencies often require the mastery of a specific field designated by a PhD. Some jobs in industry likewise require the advanced knowledge provided by master’s programs. If you know that your chosen career requires post-graduate training, then there is no reason to delay applying to graduate school.

If, however, you have struggled to find a career path that suits you, or you have been frustrated in a job search, you should probably not look to graduate school as an alternative to full-time employment. Instead, a career advisor or one of the career counselors in the Career Center can help you devise a strategy that will more strategically advance your career goals.

How do you know if graduate school would be a good fit for you? The questions below can help you assess your readiness for a graduate program.

Are you . . .

          • A strong student?
          • Interested in research?
          • Curious about questions not answered in your undergrad classes?
          • Disciplined and able to manage time?
          • Interested in a career path for which an MS or PhD is a requirement?

If you answered “yes!” to most of these questions, it’s probably worthwhile to investigate graduate programs.