Application Process

Most graduate programs start in the fall semester (with a few exceptions, especially in large engineering programs).  Applications are usually due between November and January and require the following materials:

          • A transcript
          • An academic resume (called a Curriculum Vitae or CV)
          • A statement of purpose
          • Letters of recommendation (usually 3)
          • GRE scores

Although solid GRE scores and a strong GPA are required for admission to most programs, by far the most important components of the application are the statement of purpose and the letters of recommendation from faculty.  It is essential, therefore, that students take some time to cultivate faculty relationships and to determine, as much as possible, their specific long-term goals to prepare a competitive application.

Below are some specific steps to prepare an effective application package.

Summer Before Senior Year

          • Investigate graduate programs
          • Reach out to faculty at graduate programs
          • Begin drafting statement of purpose
          • Prepare for the GRE
          • Take the GRE by August

​Fall of Senior Year

          • Revise and polish statement of purpose
          • Request letters of recommendation
          • Submit applications (usually November-January)